The VR Ukrainian Pavilion - DSL Collection

A collaborative project between V-Art and the DSL collection, led by Sylvain and Dominique Levy. Eleonora Brizi was one of the guest curator of the art pavilion. The interactive virtual space that will be launched on October 20th, 2022 during Art Basel Paris, has been built to showcase the some of the best of Ukranian contemporary art, fashion, music and culture.


A sunflower can experience, at times, sickness in its head, its stem, its leaves, but it will still be looking at the sun.


As a result of a collaboration between V-Art and DSL collection, The VR Ukrainian pavilion represents a glimpse, a bite, a door to start discovering the flourishing world of Ukrainian culture. Living and existing in the metaverse, therefore eternal.


The sunflower is not a single flower but a whole bouquet; if we examine it closely, we will find that perhaps a hundred or more small flowers are packed together. A country’s population, history, roots, and culture are the same. Thinking of them as a single flower would limit their preciousness and contribution to the world.


This is also the reason for the variety of the works exhibited in the pavilion. Artists and creators are the visual and aesthetic translators of the spirit of their time, giving voice to what contemporaneity presents to us. The feelings, the fears and the dreams, the old age and the youth, the desperation and the hope are all reflected in the experience of the different rooms in the pavilion; where each of them is one seed, one single flower within the flower, one irreplaceable piece in the oneness of our sunflower.


This project shines a light on the fundamental subject of culture, the heart and the soul of populations; understanding that as humans living in difficult times, the way we know how to help each other is through more tangible things, while often forgetting to cure our souls, for lasting healing and growth. Resilience starts from identity; identity lies in shared cultural values.


This is a project of hope, that reads through the present to write the future. Always looking at the sun.


Eleonora Brizi