Launch: New piece by Hackatao

by Eleonora Brizi

“THE archetype”, a new digital art piece by Hackatao that we launch today in collaboration with Meural Canvas –

If complementary dualism is omnipresent in Hackatao’s art – due to the artist duo’s nature itself – what we experience in the new piece “THE archetype” is a kind of duality that only exists in unity.

Eros, the drive of life and love and Thanatos, the drive of death and destruction; opposite forces of same strength, that cannot exist without each other.

In the eternal battle for prevalence between the two, we will never see a winner.

According to Freud, who was the first one to have used the terms Eros and Thanatos, the constant feeling of desire leads to dissatisfaction and pain; hence, the drive of death is the solution to rebalance, to stop suffering in life and go back to the eternal rest.

Although the scientist concluded that this conflict would never get solved and that the primordial masochism dangerously tends to prevail, he still found a sort of “hope” in the human thinking for stopping the destructive decline.

Being born to die, dying to be reborn.

Death – in relation to love – is now generative and when the time comes it gives space to other forms and wellspring parts of ourselves. But who does death need to generate those new “products”? Love. That love that allows us to die to ourselves in order to create new essences.

In Giacomo Leopardi’s poem “Love and Death”, death is described as a beautiful girl and the poet is hoping to die with his resting head on her breasts.

In Hackatao’s “THE archetype”, this beautiful girl is in perfect balance between a heart and a skull. There are no positive or negative elements divided by each side, all the drawn detailed faces and symbols harmoniously coexist and manifest around the whole figure.

Her attitude towards both love and death is slightly different, but she keeps moving with grace – and no rules – in what she knows to be her eternal dance.

“Yet each man kills the thing he loves

By each let this be heard,

Some do it with a bitter look,

Some with a flattering word,

The coward does it with a kiss,

The brave man with a sword!

Some love too little, some too long,

Some sell, and others buy;

Some do the deed with many tears,

And some without a sigh:

For each man kills the thing he loves,

Yet each man does not die.”

The Ballad of Reading Gaol, Oscar Wilde

“THE archetype”, Hackatao, 2020 | Digital Animation on Meural Canvas
MANUAL OF INSTRUCTIONS: How To Install Your Meural

Breezy Art has been collaborating with Meural for a couple of years. These amazing digital canvases (screens) are framed in wood and have a museum look, they are opache. Therefore, while showing your digital art on the screen, you won’t have the feeling of looking at a TV screen.

This is the second time that Breezy Art and artist duo Hackatao present a digital art piece – certified by the blockchain technology – on a Meural canvas. Included with the purchase of the art piece is a Meural screen – direcly delivered to your home – and a fantastic Manual of Istructions to install your art on your Meural, original designed by Hackatao!

Enjoy and share your digital art!

The piece was tokenized on SuperRare platform

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