2021, Nov. 13th

Eleonora Brizi, was interviewed by Claudio Pagliara for TV7 on Rai 1 

about her activity as a digital and crypto/NFT art curator during her adventure in New York.


Eleonora Brizi worked for five years in Beijing as an assistant to artist Ai Weiwei. In 2018, she left behind the haphazard Chinese dream to embrace the more tangible American dream. In New York, she sensed that digital art was destined for a bright future.

At the time, few took it seriously: the pandemic accelerated the process. Today, no one doubts the potential of the field anymore. The “Bear’s Head”, a famous drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci, recently sold at auction for 10 million dollars, comes to life thanks to a couple of Italian artists, Hackatao. The virtual museum is a pioneering application of the metaverse, the technology that in the near future will revolutionize the way we interact on social networks.

 E: “Digital art is reaching unexpected values, the Cryptoart space, which has existed anyway for years, is now ready to face the world of contemporary art. We certainly didn’t expect it so soon, but the digitalization arrived soon, unfortunately, through the pandemic.”

NFTs, certificates of authenticity based on blockchain technology, intervene to give value to a digital work, which by its nature can be copied infinite times.

E: “A company called Illust Space has mapped out the whole world through augmented reality technology, so collectors have the ability to showcase their artwork all over the world, anywhere, even in front of their house and even here in front of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.”