PR – Breezy X $Whale – XCopy

The artist of the month of October 2021 is XCOPY

XCOPY, A sea of motherfuckers on platform 24 - BREEZY curation for $WHALE, 2019

As announced a few weeks ago, $Whale and Breezy started a long-term collaboration to provide a narrative to the $WHALE Vault, one of the largest and most valuable collections of NFTs in the entire space through art curation.

Each month we will highlight a specific creator or theme, through rich visuals, high-profile artist interviews, gallery events, and more. The focus is to foster an interactive experience complete with catalogs, newsletters, and other media to explore.

For the month of October, the first presented artist is XCOPY. There aren’t many words to be added to XCOPY’s art, but we are going through it and enjoying ourselves. There are 24 artworks by XCOPY in the $Whale Vault, some dating 3 years back. The works are all tokenized on SuperRare and it is amazing to see how XCOPY was there from the beginning.

XCOPY, The Amulet - BREEZY curation for $WHALE , 2019
XCOPY, WFH_Death - BREEZY curation for $WHALE , 2019

“It is a blast to go back to enjoy all the art by XCOPY, piece by piece while having fun with all the tags that are pretty much the main body of the whole artwork description. I am usually very curious to know about the meaning a piece of art has for its creators, but with XCOPY, it was more about asking questions on art and vision through looking at these 24 masterpieces.

It wasn’t like talking about art, it was like talking through the art.

Here are some questions I thought of while looking at their art:

From the Latin amuletum: “an object that protects a person from trouble”. What would you ask your Amulet to protect you from?

Where do you think the “smart” cities are taking us? Co-working, co-housing, co-everything.. co-homologation.

When I read the title “Us and Them” I instantly think about the song by Pink Floyd. A song that is not only about war and its two opposite divisions, but especially about human nature.

OIn your artwork there are two different worlds, the one underwater and the one existing in the air. Who is us and who is them here and why you left out the earth, that stays between water and air?

Does love come in an open edition?

And many more”.

Eleonora Brizi

XCOPY, TRUTH or POWER - BREEZY curation for $WHALE , 2019
XCOPY, In The Hole - BREEZY curation for $WHALE , 2019
XCOPY, The Jungle - BREEZY curation for $WHALE , 2018

An art exhibition will be on display on the $Whale galleries on Crypto Voxels and on Oct 28th an amazing opening of XCOPY art show will be held on the Arium platform, with an introduction by the curator Eleonora Brizi who will talk about the curatorial concept of the show and about the pieces. You will be able to talk to each other appearing on a little cube and walk together to enjoy the art.

We really hope you will enjoy the show!