$Whale and Breezy started a long-term collaboration to provide a narrative to the WHALE’s “The Vault”, one of the largest and most valuable collections of NFTs in the entire space through art curation.

Each month we highlight a specific creator or theme, providing rich visuals, high-profile artist interviews, gallery events, and more. 


For the month of  September 2022, the presented artist is  GEORGE BOYA


When I think about “collage,” I see curiosity, a curiosity so big to the point that even a very self-made art creation wouldn’t be enough on its own. I see the need for something more, mixed perspectives, the fusion of more souls. I think about expanding the borders of acceptance of what could be art, what could go in the work, and what could be considered worthy of being part of this new resulting creation that will now call “ours.” I don’t see a limit, in fact, I see the overcoming of the limits. I see George Boya. 


Are George Boya’s collage animations cybernetic or very human? Are they living the biggest adventures or simply existing in life? Are they from ancient age or from the most contemporary times? 

Is it a physical collage or a digital collage? Manual or super-tech? Mechanical or fluid?


Is it the art of the past or the future? 


I won’t write pages about how George Boya started his path and where he is now with the blockchain technology, one of the most prominent figures in the crypto art space, or how his style is recognizable amongst the most various contexts. 

For once, there is no need anymore to debate and discuss what is already truth. 


In Beijing, the traffic is crazy. There aren’t many rules and you can find cars of each size, trucks, carts, fruit sellers, motorbikes, bicycles, and every transportation that you can think of. Very few people respect signals, and yet, they move in their ecosystem. They move slowly, like a wave, but they move together. In harmony. 


And so do the works by George Boya.   



Eleonora Brizi

For the curation of the Vault Collection by Whale, we have dedicated September to George Boya, presenting our first retrospective. A paradoxically futuristic retrospective of a past that has yet to come true.
What if the pillars of our artistic, cinematographic, and pop culture existed in a world inhabited by robots and fantastic technological inventions?
Using digital tools, Boya creates new narratives as a bridge from the art of the past to the art of the future. And in this journey, we are guided by artists, true pioneers and visionaries who peek beyond deep space, revealing its essence.
In my opinion, artists are building the future by planting the seeds inside the art, they are not the speculators of the future, yet, together with their imagination, they are the actual blueprint of the future.
Boya’s journey began 20 years ago, landing in the NFT art space in Spring 2020, moving from his paintings, stained glass techniques, and photography to the digital collage. There is transversality between the artistic techniques, a constant flow without borders; a digital collage is like a hand-cut collage, obtained from the fusion of images and photos resulting from different techniques. Not a beginning, not an end. Only a continuous becoming.
Technology gave new technical possibilities that I did not have before with my hand-cut collages, yet I think that it also brought more openness, more opinions, more expressions to the space in general giving chances to more people to become artists.
And in all this, the blockchain has created an ecosystem of exchange, comparison, and growth open to the public. A stage from which you can reach everyone, without filters.
The retrospective will happen on the Arium Space platform, with the usual exhibition at the end of the month.


Visit the space: