nfT PARIS 2023

With the booth at NFT Paris, Breezy Art remarked on its nature, reasons for existence, and dreams. 

Breezy Art is not a gallery; instead, it is a space for creative experimentation, a laboratory for art and technology where people with different skills can come and play, share, leave a mark, and contribute to creating the next thing, together. It is also a lab for thinking of new ways to approach art curation, through creative writing and experimental social perspective.


A map of the Grand Palais Éphémère created by artist Isa Kost.


For NFT Paris 2023, we created a path of geolocalized messages that will take you to the Breezy booth. 

This was a collaboration with Illust Space.  
Illust is an interactive map where you can discover experiences in your neighborhood from leading artists, influencers, brands, and local storytellers. You can click any waypoint on the map to discover new experiences in your world.

We also hosted a table where people could write messages and participate in creating what we called our “Paper Chain.” 
Here are the scanned results of a very participative interactive performance. 

On display on the 4 screens, 


Criticize by Creating: the launch of the new project by Breezy Art, a space on SuperRare platform, with the participation of 11 exceptional artists (amongst which one collaboration) who commented on social issues through their art and accepted the challenge of writing the next history book together, using their words and the blockchain time stamp. 

Anemale, Bard Ionson + Lawrence Lee, Encapsuled, J’erre, Joe Chiappetta, Kenny Schachter, Moxarra, Osinachi, Ravi Koranga, Reinhard Schmid.

Alternative Dimensions, the project curated by Eleonora Brizi with V-Art for the first NFT-Collection with the Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum, where 10 NFT artists created unique works inspired by the museum’s classical pieces with the special participation of Kevin Abosch, who donated one work from his existing collection. Proceeds from the sale were used to support the functioning of Ukrainian museums, aid preservation work, and, further digitize other works from the National Museum in Lviv. 

Ana Maria Caballero, Jaen, Kalen Iwamoto, Kevin Abosch, Lapin Mignon, Mattia Cuttini, Operator, Sasha Stiles, Skeenee, Reinhard Schmid, XMVFX.